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  1. A fellow travel blogger on Twitter is flying into Cairo from Sharm tomorrow. I’ll tell her to read your blog for ideas! 🙂

    1. That’s nice, please do! Also tell her if she has time to spare in Cairo to visit the Islamic Museum, Coptic Cairo and to take a felucca ride on the Nile…

  2. Hi! Sadly I didn’t have time to do everything you mention here as I was only on a day trip and was hanging out with family too but did manage a trip top Tahrir Square, the Nile, City Stars for shopping and a cool shisha place in Helipolis. I notice we have something in common, as I don’t do dairy, well milk, either and I was disappointed that Starbucks in City stars had no soya milk. Where do you go for a soya latte in Cairo? Jai 🙂

    1. Sounds like you had a nice time! When you have a moment tell me more about this cool shisha place out in Heliopolis. I really need to get out in that part of the city more often.

      As for soy lattes…I’m surprised Starbucks had no soya milk. It’s one of the few places I’ve been able to get soy when I wanted some. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sometimes has it (last time I checked), but it’s touch and go. Regardless, you always need to be a bit careful with soy since several of the brands used/sold have milk/lactose in them. Doesn’t make sense sadly, but 100% the case.

  3. savoirthere · · Reply

    Yeah I was a bit suspicious of the so-called soya milk in Starbucks in Sharm, it tasted kinda weird! I mean I have this issue all over, even in very prgresive European countries let alone in Egypt, but it puzzles me cos Soya milk comes in long life and it’s not that hard to keep a carton for when someone wants it! Anyway my cousin gave me the deets of the palces in Heliopolis – so we tried to get into Cafe Supreme in Korba (part of Heliopolis) but it was too full, so we just went to a smaller place down the street called nA2nA2, it has different categories of shisha (spicy, fruity, sugary and creamy) and mixes different flavours together to form a shisha cocktail – plus they use fruit juice instead of water to cool the smoke for added flavour. On Baghdad Street, between the junctions of Sherif and Ibrahim. He also said to recommend trendier places L’Aubergine, Amici, and Cavalini.. All three are club/lounge type places. Let me know if you hit up any of those spots! 🙂

    1. I’m not the only one, great! The soy milk thing gets my goat so I tend to avoid it for the most part. If I’m gagging for a latte or cappuccino I try to find rice or almond milk, or just wait until I can make my own at home (which is free of vegetable oils and unnecessary crap at least).

      Fruit juice shisha? I’m so utterly intrigued and must give it a try! The last time I was at L’Aubergine (in Zamalek) a cockroach decided to hide in the box holding the bill, which has put me off of the place ever since. There’s a new shisha place right next door to L’Aubergine though called P.S. Cafe and it’s always busy from sundown well into the evening might be worth trying since it seems to have the numbers to back it up. Amici I’ve heard is “hip and happening” (aside from 90LE cocktails) and can be quite fun with the right crowd, so I’ll give it a go soon enough.

  4. I like rice and almond milk too – and actually oat milk is another one that makes great milkshakes (in my opinion!), I just love a latte and hate to give it up, but I’ll just do espresso if need be. I’m no expert on Cairo – I got all those tips from my family but I have to say of all the things I’m intolerant of cockroaches are No 1! I will do anything to avoid them so I am pretty upset to hear your story. I did so well in Egypt too on this trip – didn’t see a single roach or any other gross insect anywhere, even in places where I 100% expected to see something scuttling!

    1. I understand the love for a latte and oat milk is a good idea. I’ll have to give it a try and see how I tolerate it. Do you make your own or buy prepackaged?

      As for cockroaches, they are indeed revolting and I’m glad you avoided them this time around! After catching sight of in the street earlier today my intolerance has reached a fevered pitch. Anything pest that can survive a nuclear holocaust must be scrutinized and held at arms length…

  5. savoirthere · · Reply

    I buy Oatly here in the UK and I’m addicted to the chocolate flavour. Use it to make porridge too which is a bit weird as it means double oats! As for the roaches they are a constant source of discussion and repulsion for me and my friends, but they can crop up in the unlikeliest of places, and Spain is very guilty though you wouldn’t think it. Hope you don’t run into them too often in Cairo 😦

  6. I’ve so enjoyed your writings. I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. I hope you accept. Here is a link explaining the award:

    1. Thanks very much Sheila for your nomination. I’m glad that you enjoy stopping by to read my musings. 🙂 I’ll check out your link!

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