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When in Bruges…

Ask anyone about the city they’ve been to in Belgium, or the one they’d like to visit, and you’re bound to get “Brugge” as a response. The quaint historic town in West Flanders draws in tourists in by the droves thanks to its medieval architecture, charming demeanor and World Heritage status. It doesn’t hurt either […]

The Road Less Travelled: A Flea Market Frenzy in the Marolles (Brussels)

Food aside, there are few things better (in my Intolerant opinion) than wandering around a European capital and discovering all manner of things you may have missed the first time around. Those charming little streets, the wildly popular haunts and the sleepy cafĂ©s that are difficult to see if you’re zipping around underground or moving […]

Intolerants Rant: More Changes Afoot – A New Online Home For This Intolerant

Well it seems like 2013 is not only bringing physical change in the “real world” (from Cairo to New York for a start), but it’s provoked online movement as well. As much as I have enjoyed starting/developing my blogging adventures here, For the Intolerants is almost 9 months young, which means it’s time for this […]

Stocking the Cupboards Courtesy of Brooklyn Fare

I know Manhattan is “the place to be” when it comes to NYC, but since moving to Brooklyn just one month ago (happy anniversary to me!) I am finding myself falling in love with the most populated of New York‘s five boroughs. While eating out is a an amazing perk of this prodigious city, I’m a […]

When There’s Money to Burn: Organic + Intolerant-Friendly Food in Cairo

Cairo has no shortage of supermarkets, that’s a fact. However, getting organic goods you can be (relatively) sure are up to standard and that are gluten, dairy, insert-other-allergen-here free is a completely different matter. The reason for this is not because Egyptian’s don’t have food allergies. They do, and there are plenty of lactose and […]