Don’t count the days; make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

It’s been YEARS since I updated this site, which means I (obviously) moved on to other things. Writing about food, travel, and drink was enjoyable for a time but it lost its sheen after awhile.

Which isn’t to say I’m no longer obsessive about food—I totally am, still riding the dairy-free and gluten-sensitive train. In the last couple of years, I’ve added soy-free and plant-focused to the Intolerant menu. I might not totally be vegan, yet, but I’m kind of headed in that direction.

My newest passion involves combat sports, the sweet science of boxing to be more precise. It’s been a year since I first put on gloves and got schooled on the difference between an uppercut and a hook. Or how to throw a correct left, and follow it up with a crushing right.

This, still-transforming, Intolerant now resides over at Not Made of Glass.

food to combat sports

Yup…that’s me. #areyouscaredyet?

It’s where I write extensively about coming to terms with getting punched in the face, and all the ways boxing has, kind of, changed my life. But while I focus a lot on combat sports, I also write about running, yoga, social issues, and battling it out as a woman in a male dominated arena.

And, yes, now and then, there’s a feature on food (glorious food).


An Intolerant never changes her spots, you know. She simply pivots and resets, as she embarks on a new journey.

I still hate Twitter but I’m on Instagram (@notmadeofglass) and Facebook (@theyogabar).

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