Rosarito Fish Shack: The Place Where Mexico and Williamsburg Meet (Brooklyn)

Along the yawning stretch of Williamsburg’s Wythe Avenue are countless too-cool-for-school eateries that are seemingly jam packed with beautiful people who sit there to check out the crowd and be checked out themselves. All pretensions aside, Brooklyn is fast becoming the place to dine in New York City, and with places like Diner, The Chef’s Table and the carnivorous Peter Luger (forthcoming) it’s easy to see why.

Close to the Bushwick Inlet Park, at the intersection of Wythe and North 7th street, is a Brooklyn gem that’s worth a mention. While it may not be Michelin starred, or the super hip spot of the moment, it still falls into the category of being pretty damn good. And with its red white and blue paint job, exposed brick walls, ample outdoor seating and appealing menu it’s the kind of place you’re bound to revisit.

Somebody's already sticking their fingers into the guacamole. Sneaky bugger.

Somebody’s already sticking their fingers into the guacamole. Sneaky bugger.

Or at least recommend to a friend. 

Rosarito Fish Shack is close to the Williamsburg waterfront and boasts a Mexican-inspired menu that is all about tacos, ceviche and hearty mains. The place is known for their tacos, small corpulent tortillas that come two to a plate and with fillings that include chicken, short rib, pescado and…wait for it…lobster. Though they look manageable they’re in fact quite filling and it’s easy to subsist on those alone. However, since there’s all sorts of appetizers and smaller mains worth giving a go (and which include the offering of New York state oysters from the raw bar) you should make sure to rock up to Rosarito with an appetite.

Pollo tacos. Mmmmmm...

Pollo tacos. Mmmmmm…

My dining cohorts and I  went a little bit ballistic and had guacamole at the outset of our meal, along with a helping of fries, the tiradito ceviche and a dozen oysters (which were fantastic I might add). For mains we settled for a few servings of tacos and a mercado salad with grilled shrimp.

Oysters. Always.

Oysters. Always.

The ceviche was fresh, zingy and perfectly tart, while the salad – which is what I focused the rest of my attention on – was simple, light and came with a generous helping of avocado. If there was anything to grumble about it was that the shrimp were slightly overcooked, however our delicious starters made up for the setback as I nibbled away at the homemade tortilla chips and almost licked the guacamole bowl clean.

The tiramex-su ... ahhhhh yeah.

The tiramex-su … ahhhhh yeah.

The tacos (one pollo and one pescado) were devoured faster than I could de-tail my shrimp, which meant that consequent glasses of wine, along with a boozy tiramisu, were ordered. It was enjoyable. All of it. Though there were so many options to choose from – including a chile rubbed tuna and the house “shack stew” – that I had trouble making a selection and had to pretty much hold out the menu, close my eyes and let my index finger make the decision for me.

Rosarito Fish Shack

The thing is, when it boils down to coziness, cost and contentment (the three “c’s” of dining, no?) Rosarito Fish Shack hits the mark. It’s a place that warrants a second visit, if not for the ambiance, which is fantastic on a balmy October evening on the patio, then certinaly for the ceviche, or the tortillas, or their fantastically cooked fries, or that guacamole.

Oh yes, that guacamole.

Rosarito Fish Shack
168 Wythe Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Tel: +1 (718) 388-8833

Opening hours
Sunday – Thursday: 11:00 – 00:00
Friday + Saturday 11:00 – 01:00

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