Intolerants Rant: More Changes Afoot – A New Online Home For This Intolerant

Well it seems like 2013 is not only bringing physical change in the “real world” (from Cairo to New York for a start), but it’s provoked online movement as well. As much as I have enjoyed starting/developing my blogging adventures here, For the Intolerants is almost 9 months young, which means it’s time for this Intolerant to step out from her cocoon and spread her wings into the big, wide world of self-hosting.

Packing it up and movin' on out.

Packing it up and movin’ on out.

This virtual flight will happen over the next 24 hours (by the seat of my pants, indeed) so I apologize in the event my site goes down and for the possible delay in next week’s posts. Remember it’s only temporary.

As it always is when change is afoot.


For those who want to continue following my posts/rants connect via any one of the social media mediums I blabber on (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and there’s also the RSS feed and BlogLovin’ as well. Countless ways for you to keep abreast of what this niggling Intolerant will be sticking her nose into.

See you on the other side!


  1. Excited to see the new abode. Good luck with the move!

    1. Thanks Jay! 🙂

  2. You too? I like this trend. Good luck with the move – I think it is entirely worth it.

    1. Thanks! I was presented with an opportunity that would have been foolish to pass up. Eh voila!

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