Let’s Head to Australia on May 8th and #SeeTheWorld!

Do you have a deep curiosity and/or blazing passion for other cultures? If the answer is yes, you won’t want to miss the new See The World chat on Twitter, as we know there is  more to a country than famous landmarks and clichéd itineraries! Join @TheCultureur and @RovingAltruist every Wednesday at 12pPST/3pEST as we explore a new destination every week and stimulate discussion on all things related to travel, culture, lifestyle, and food.


Traipsing across the Pacific, we leave the Americas behind us to look at the remote – yet wildly popular – Australia: a rugby loving country that is known for surfing and crocodiles as much as it is for great wine, good food and an up-and-coming fashion scene. If you’re curious about what Australia has to offer, or have great advice and feedback on this distant locale, don’t miss our chat on May 8th. Maybe you’ve been an expat in Australia, have taken an extended vacation in the country, or you might be planning your first journey there: regardless, there will be an opportunity to share your thoughts, get inspired and #SeeTheWorld!

Some Australian wine? Why not, bottoms up!

Some Australian wine? Why not, bottoms up!

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