Traditional Korean BBQ Lights Up Ixelles (Brussels)

In a city that’s saturated with waffles and chocolate, mussels and steak tartare, the idea of Korean BBQ is wonderfully appealing, and a great change from ingesting pound after pound of freshly hacked steak tartare. Unassumingly serving up some un-Belgian fare down the far reaches of Chaussee de Waterloo, is a Korean restaurant that is swiftly becoming a hit with the boho dwellers of Ixelles and anyone else passing through.

The back side of the menu.

The back side of the menu. Love it.

The minute you enter the brightly lit Maru, you’re hit with the subtle smell of fermented vegetables, boiled chicken and barbecued pork. The decor is clean and contemporary and as you take your seat in the minimalistic surroundings you realize how easy it is to get lost in the fabulous menu that makes perusing the possibilities an absolute delight.


Not only for the artwork, but because there’s so much to choose from.

This. Looked. Amazing. *green with envy*

This. Looked. Amazing. *green with envy*

There’s hot-cold and salads along with meat and vegetarian options. There’s noodles with eggs and ravioli without. There’s kimchi and bibimbap and tofu stews so savoury and hearty they will have you salivating for more long after you’ve finished your last bite.

My little vegetarian platter.

My little vegetarian platter.

If you’re interested in working for your food, you can cook delicately sliced pieces of meat at the table in traditional Korean fashion; and you can do so without smelling like a BBQ thanks to the great ventilation that takes care of the fumes. If you prefer to have a whole little chicken as an accompaniment to your soup, well, that can be done as well.

Yes, the server cut the chicken.  With scissors.

Beautifully cooked (and wonderfully tender). And yes, the server cut the chicken. With scissors.

In short, is Maru a great place to dine ? You bet it is. Would I go again a third time?

Why hell yes…

The damage. We ate like pigs. Not too shabby.

The damage. We ate like pigs. Not too shabby.

510 Chaussee de Waterloo
1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 12 – 14:30 and 19:00 – 22:30


  1. All this food sounds amazing! It’s awesome to know how many intolerant-friendly restaurants there are overseas; next time I leave U.S. shores, I’m going to call upon your expertise when figuring out where to eat. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Lillian! I think I’m as pleased as you are about the options that are out there. 🙂 Maru is fantastic in terms of the food quality and especially if you’re into Asian fare (which I have a feeling you already know) that tends to be very intolerant-friendly.

  2. +1 on Lillian’s comment… thanks for a great, entertaining, fun, and DELICIOUS looking resource!

    1. Thanks for stopping by J.T., I’m glad you enjoy!

  3. Thanks so much for this recommendation! After my trip to South Korea last September, I love bibimbap…

    1. Let me know what you think when you try it out. It’s a really great place!

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