Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: *NEW* Chat Coming to Twitter (w/ Free Giveaway)!

To all the fabulous armchair and on-the-move travelers out there…

Do you have a deep curiosity and/or blazing passion for other cultures? If the answer is yes, then you won’t want to miss the new See The World chat on Twitter as we all know there is much more to a country than famous landmarks and clichéd itineraries! Join @TheCultureur@RovingAltruist and @JettingAround every Wednesday at 12pm PST (noon) as we explore new destinations each week by taking a 360* approach to stimulate discussion on all things related to travel, culture, lifestyle, and food.

photo (4)

We’ll be kickstarting the chat on April 10 with France – the darling of Europe – so regardless of whether you live there and have firsthand info, or you’re a self-proclaimed Francophile, there will be something for everyone including a special giveaway by Assouline, the premier publisher of luxury and culture books!

3D Cover French Style

Join us to share ideas, get inspired and #SeeTheWorld! To stay updated on the next country and other fabulous giveaways, head over to the Facebook page.


  1. Sounds fun!

    1. Yay! Hope you can join. 🙂

  2. I will try to make it if I can figure out the time difference! And get over the jet lag lol

    1. Please do Sarah! It would be great to have you join. 🙂 Good luck with the jet lag! (I’m dealing with it now :-S)

  3. Such a shame I saw this too late – will try and join in next week 😦

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