Heading to Brussels? Dine With the Brothers of Henri

Located in downtown Brussels near Place St. Catherine are a host of shops, restaurants, bistros and bars that hipsters, yuppies and in-the-know trendsetters flock to on a daily basis. Next to Royal Brasserie, and across the street from the graffiti-ed Maison Martin Margiela, is a modestly sized restaurant that has been gaining traction with the foodies of Brussels over the last decade. Founded by two brothers and a friend (David De Schepper and brothers Jurgen and Sven Campens) approximately eight years ago, Henri has become an institution in the capital. A place that’s down to earth and modest, yet always manages to serve mouthwatering and genteel food.

Every single time.


The menu is one part traditional Belgian and two parts world cuisine, with steak and frites holding ground next to tuna sashimi, filet of sole and asparagus/rocket salad. The kitchen is innovative in delivering standard mains and appetizers with a twist, and clients can pair a medium rare steak with a fruity red or dry cava to fully enhance their lunch and/or dinner experience.


The thing I enjoy most about Henri, and the reason why I keep going back for more, is that they take food allergies seriously. If I choose something on the menu that is normally prepared with dairy, a dairy-free version will be offered (if possible). If there’s no dairy-free alternative I get a suggestion for other dishes to consider that wind up being even more delicious than the one I initially chose (or so I imagine).

When in Brussels...

When in Brussels…

In addition to their creative spin on what would otherwise be your run of the mill food, Henri has a knack for taking something “ordinary” like mussels, or a slab of Ciney beef, and turning it into the best damn meal you’ll eat in Brussels.

Yes, that’s a promise.

Rue de Flandre, 113
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 02 218 00 08
Open for lunch and dinner from 12:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 22:00 Tuesday – Saturday.
Closed Sunday and Monday.


  1. We’ll be in Belgium for 3 days in Nov (Bruges, Liege, Brussels). It will be a trip down memory lane for us, esp my husband, who lived in Liege for a year. Our one challenge – he’s an “intolerant” – big time allergic to mussels and all things shellfish. Think we’ll stick to waffles!

    1. Well even if he’s not big into waffles there are so many other things he can try that’s “traditional” Belgian: steak americaine, steak + frites, just frites, waffles, chocolate, stoemp (a fantastic mashed potato dish).

      There’s also more contemporary – yet still refined – Belgian fare that’s absolutely fantastic. I look forward to reading about where you guys end up eating!

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