A Sanctuary in the Heart of Cairo: Nūn Center

Cairo is a city you need to escape every so often. If you don’t manage to flee to the beach, the desert, the oasis or another country, chances are you will go mad quite quickly because it’s really impossible not to. The thing is, it’s not always possible to get out of town due to finances or circumstances.

What to do then?

Well there are places in Cairo where one can take a break from urban life: pools and parks, spas and movie theatres, there’s even stables for people who are avid horse riders. While I wouldn’t shun any of these activities if suggested, I’m the kind of person who gets all excited about holistic centers/studios; places where you can Zumba, Tai Chi or yoga a few hours away and follow it up with a much needed massage or an invigorating acupuncture session.

Nun Center

Nūn Center is a breath of fresh air in Cairo and it ticks all the wellness boxes plus a few more. It’s a holistic playground that not only offers great classes and services, but it also has organic/Intolerant-friendly food for sale as well. Located in a bewitching old villa in the center of Zamalek, Nūn is the kind of place you enter and feel instantly transported. Your mood shifts, you feel lighter.

Part of the organic/Intolerant-friendly food section. Yum!

Part of the organic/Intolerant-friendly food section. Yum!

Opened a little over a year ago by two fantastic and driven women, Nūn has already become one of the city’s prime community centers offering yoga/dance/tai chi/body work classes, along with workshops (cooking, art, therapy), art shows, nutritional guidance and a range of holistic treatments (massage, homeopathy, acupuncture, energy work, etc.).

Nun Center
The practitioners at the center are friendly, familial and fabulous to engage with and the place in itself is a testament to how beautiful things can be in Cairo when they’re looked after: airy arches, marble entryway, high ceilings, French doors and wooden floors are a reminder of the former grandeur of this bustling city. Holistic treatments are affordable and great value for money, and the diverse mix of people who walk through the center’s doors bring added charm and spirit to an already eclectic place.

I can only hope that I’ll find a place with a similar community and space in New York.

Fingers crossed.

Nūn Center
4 Shafik Mansour, Floor 2
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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