A Wonderland of Bagels at APDM (Au Pays des Merveilles)

Serving up bagels, brownies and a variety of granola bars, Au Pays des Merveilles (APDM) is a certified wonderland of delights. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab breakfast or you’re just hankering for a substantial lunch that will see you through until dinner, APDM is the place to be.


There are two APDM’s nestled in Belgium’s capital: one is situated in the downtown core of Brussels around the too-cool-for-school area of Rue Antoine Dansert, while the other is in the up-and-coming district of  St. Gilles to the south.

Greens with a side of hummus and eggplant. How good does this look? That's a rhetorical question my friends.

Greens with a side of hummus and eggplant. How good does this look? That’s a rhetorical question my friends.

Both locations serve up the same delicious food with a menu that changes to accommodate seasonal items. The highlight of APDM are the assortment of bagels that come with an amazing array of toppings and spreads. You can have a bagel with mushrooms or a bagel with honey. Or perhaps you prefer apples + brie, or maybe a bagel with smoked salmon and/or tuna? There’s a host of different cream cheeses if like your bagel the “classic” way, and if you’re intolerant to gluten – or just not a fan of bagels – you can opt for a plate of “bagel filling,” which essentially translates into a large helping of greens with a side of whatever your heart desires (e.g. guacamole or eggplant or hummus or sun dried tomatoes or smoked fish, etc.).

Mama Intolerant's bagel-riffic meal.

Mama Intolerant’s bagel-riffic meal.

Everything is served in a bright and neighbourly environment. In the warmer months of the year there’s outdoor seating, which is the perfect way to enjoy your heaving breakfast bagel. APDM’s helpings are generous and the food…delicious. I’m a big fan of the hummus and would also recommend the smoked salmon (sans bagel). Aside from savoury delights, APDM also offers seductive American style cupcakes, breads, cheesecakes and cookies.

All sorts of pretty little things you’d expect to find in Wonderland.  

At the St. Gilles location.

At the St. Gilles location.

Open every day from 8:30 – 18:00
42 Avenue Jean Volders and 92 Rue de Flandre
Brussels, Belgium


  1. Love APDM! (As well as the comment about the “too-cool-for-school” neighborhood.)

    1. I go mad for APDM sometimes and when think about their salads I start salivating. YUM!

  2. You’ve got me salivating for a bagel & cream cheese. I never see them here.

    Hummus and cupcakes and cheesecake all sounds delicious, too!

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