Food + Music + Design = Sntrl.dükkan

Tucked away in Galata (hereafter referred to as the “Soho of Istanbul”) are countless design shops, cafés and restaurants that exude hipster cool. For travellers and expats who like to hunt for the latest in design, worship food and enjoy a bit of music on the side it just so happens there’s a place in the Soho of Istanbul that incorporates all three of these elements.

And a little bit more.

sntraldukkan istanbul

Sntrl.dükkan falls somewhere in between a restaurant and a bistro. It’s a sophisticated and cozy eatery where one can while away a rainy afternoon with steaming pots of herbal tea, meet up with friends for a savory bite or finish the latest New York Times bestseller while throwing back a glass of Turkish merlot.

It's a bit dark. Apologies. Too bad iPhone doesn't allow for low-light adjustments.

It’s a bit dark. Apologies. Too bad iPhone doesn’t allow for low-light adjustments.

sntraldukkan istanbul

The menu is based on Mediterranean inspired dishes, with generous salads, meat-filled mains and cheesy pastas to choose from. The wine list is worth a second look and the staff are great at providing recommendations on something that would suit your palate; a great thing if you’re not all that familiar with Turkish reds and whites.



...and after. These photos speak for themselves.

…and after. These photos speak for themselves.

Aside from lunch and dinner, Sntrl.dükkan also serves up breakfast and brunch (for the love of eggs menemen…yum!). For a mid-afternoon snack there are quiches, cheese platters and a host of homemade cakes, cookies and other desserts if you want to indulge in something sweet. Though many items are dairy and gluten heavy, there’s enough on the menu for any Intolerant to choose from. I’ve been to this place three times already and have gone through their salad menu with abandon.

Enjoying every single bit along the way.

sntraldukkan istanbul

Not only a café/restaurant, Sntrl.dükkan also moonlights as a design shop, a lounge (with live jazz every Thursday night) and a social hub where you can pick up wine tasting skills to dazzle friends and family or sign up for one of the cultural workshops that have become a hit with residents of the Soho-lite neighborhood.

It’s a place where you can – seemingly – have it all. What more could one ask for?

sntraldukkan istanbul

Serdar-I Ekrem Street
No 28 Galata
Istanbul, Turkey
Open daily 7:00 – 22:30 (23:00 on weekends)

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  1. Thanks for the info ! I’ll go there once I’m in İstanbul!

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