Have Your ‘Cake’ and Eat it Too – Intolerants Redux

I like looking at pretty little things, and enjoy window shopping even if my Intolerant self is unable to indulge. That’s why I still think Cake café in Cairo is nice place to hide away when you need a time out from the big city.

Cake Cairo

Even though I haven’t been able to indulge in anything other than herbal tea and salads (I keep pushing for the production of a dairy and gluten free treat…fingers still crossed), I enjoy the looks of pleasure that flit across friend’s faces when they bite into a moist chocolate cupcake or a crisp oatmeal cookie.

Drool worthy.

Drool worthy.

Cake Cairo

I especially love unexpected comments that are blurted out when a tangy slice of a lemon bar brings up fond memories of grandma’s baked goods. I mean, there’s nothing better than grandma’s cake.

Though Cake tries its best, and comes pretty damn close.

Cake Cairo

14, Al Sheikh al Marsafi Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Open Monday – Sunday from 8:00 – 23:00


  1. Hallo,

    This is for you, for being kind for others and me, http://www.bigcards.nl/card/pickup/bc-c7cf3c10/

    Sweet greetings, Summer

  2. The desserts do look amazing.

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