Intolerants Weekend Redux: Picture Perfect Paris

The world is a crazy place and though we try to escape all the drama, it sometimes catches up to us nonetheless. Cairo has been a mix of good and bad these days, with the bad relating to a host of things out of the average person’s control: internal imbalance, a worsening crisis to the East and unspeakable atrocities happening to the North. While I manage to move through most days unscathed, I’m completely exhausted by the end of others. It’s times like these that I’m reminded of how important it is to find balance. Since socializing, fitness and throwing oneself into work can only take a person so far, it’s nice to zone out once in a while and spend some time either turning inward or focusing on the superficial things. The pretty things. The breathtaking things. The things that uplift and warm. The things that don’t smack of hypocrisy or prejudice or angst.

That’s my method of staying sane anyhow. 

And with that, welcome to a photo-rific weekend redux. Looking back at Paris and days of running around Europe’s most seductive city. Eating. Drinking. Yoga-ing. Shopping. Exploring.

Being merry.

Going mad for gluten and dairy free treats at Helmut Newcake.

A fresh spring roll appetizer, before some of the best bo bun in Paris (Le Petit Cambodge).

I may not indulge in cheese, but by god, it’s still beautiful to look at…and smell.

A homemade dinner that accompanied the above cheese platter. Roasted root vegetables with a side of pork (first meat I ate in ages). Was it as good as it looked? Hell yes.

On a sunny afternoon walk around town.

Oh, to see, speak and hear no evil…

Creative use of urban space.

Irony: a public f*** you. From one graffiti artist to another.

Passing Pompidou.

Place de l’Opéra on a crisp Fall day.

A topping for your wedding cake? Classy.

A perfect finish. Always.

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