Intolerants Weekend Redux: Drive Me Nuts (Please!)

As I waited for my order to be prepared at H.M. “Nut Guy” the other day, I was reminded of how utterly crazy I am for nuts. I can’t seem to get enough of those Intolerant friendly, fatty, fibrous and omega-3 kernels that pack a nutritional punch, keep hunger pangs at bay and contribute to a healthy diet. I eat nuts for breakfast. I eat nuts for lunch. I throw nuts into my salads at dinner and I blend nuts into smoothies as they lend a creamy texture and serve as a great substitute for milk (almonds, walnuts and cashews in particular).

I don’t know about you, but I believe that’s a ridiculous pile of pumpkin seeds.

To get my fix of this antioxidant-rich snack, I make my way to the west end of 26th of July street every 8-10 days to stock up. Popping into H.M. is never an inconvenience; I look forward to it in fact. Battling traffic as a pedestrian? No problem. Waiting in line a quarter of an hour as the man in front of me buys his weight in nuts and caramels? Malesh…big deal.

Nuts aren’t your thing? There’s plenty of candy in store…

The calm and quiet temperament of the store owners is reassuring, so I kick back, enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere of the shop and take the opportunity to try a couple of peanuts here and a few pumpkin seeds there as I patiently wait my turn.

Just a couple more grams to go. *drools*

And before I know it, I’m up. It all goes by in a flash: seven minutes and two kilos later – for a mere $28 USD no less –  I start my walk home.

Completely, and gleefully, driven nuts.

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