Intolerants Weekend Redux: The Return of Sweet Potato Fries

Following a long work day earlier this week I returned to Mince for something fast, relatively healthy and – let’s get real here – with the hope that they would have sweet potato fries (or any fries for that matter) and possibly a veggie burger for good measure. With the ‘soft opening‘ phase over, the place was quiet. The soft hum of music drifted through the sound system and a few patrons waited for their burgers at the picnic table out front. I put in my order – crossing my fingers in the process – and was pleased to learn I would get my hands on an order of sweet potato fries and a veggie burger without the bun.

Vegetarian options on Mince’s menu board.

Things were looking up.

Use your imagination: the sweet potato fries looked and tasted as good as the skin-on wedge ones. This photo just turned out better.

The others I dined with placed their orders as well – chicken w/ cheddar, beef w/ raspberry jam, beef w/ caramelized onions and grilled veg, beef w/ goat cheese – all of which sounded fantastic. Two sets of fries came out first, which was a bit strange given the assumption that everything would be served at once. Malesh. I dove into the platter of sweet potato fries with abandon and enjoyed the thick, lightly seasoned wedges (fact: sweet potatoes are quite the staple in the average Egyptian diet) that were slightly crispy on the outside and wonderfully soft on the inside. Read: the fries were not dripping with oil. The wedges were equally as good and they tasted like they could have almost come out of mom’s kitchen with the skin still on and a slight crispiness that made them fantastic to bite into.

After a short delay the burgers arrived and while most were well received one was sent back due to missing ingredients. It was a bit frustrating, but since Mince is still ironing out kitchen to-the-table-delivery kinks we were quick to overlook it given that this is the biggest of Mince’s faults and the least offensive when considering what else could go wrong. I mean, the kitchen and dining areas are clean, the food is organic where possible, it’s as fresh as possible, as creative as possible and it’s made to order. Those are pretty big pluses in a city where customer service waxes and wanes as much as the phases of the moon.

Chicken burger with cheddar. It was, as I was told between elated mouthfuls, “awesome.”

Moderately full thanks to those blessed sweet potato fries, I started in on the “veggie burger,” which was perhaps the only other gripe I have with Mince. When I think of veggie burger I think of an actual patty that has been created with a combination of various vegetables and nuts/seeds (beans, peas, walnuts, mushrooms, etc.) and non-gluten grains (rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, etc.). Instead of getting a “burger” with a side of salad I received this:

The “veggie burger.” An assortment of grilled vegetables on top of a mixed salad. Hmmm…

Which was kind of disappointing. Not that it didn’t taste good. Quite the contrary. I enjoyed the grilled vegetables and the freshness of the mixed greens (loved the pickles in particular, but could have done with out the dressing); however, I was pining for something round and flat in shape that would retain the juiciness of the vegetables/grains and include a smoky, charcoal taste from the grill. Alas, I was hungry enough and it was good enough that I ate until full and ended my meal perfectly satisfied.

Anyways, the third time is the charm, no? With that in mind I won’t hesitate trying my luck and giving Mince another go soon enough.

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